No-Prob-Limo Official Contract

The person making this reservation is responsible for providing or showing a copy of these terms and conditions to all persons included in this reservation.

  • No-Prob-Limo, LLC reserves the right to terminate a reservation at any time if passenger(s) are behaving inappropriately, being rude to the driver, or are too intoxicated to continue the reservation to its completion.
  • No-Prob-Limo, LLC is NOT responsible for any injuries during the reservation.
  • If a No-Prob-Limo, LLC vehicle were to break down, a full refund will be provided to the individual who paid for the reservation, but no additional transportation will be provided by No-Prob-Limo unless a backup registered vehicle is available.
  • No-Prob-Limo, LLC is not liable for passengers’ actions/behavior during the reservation.
  • No-Prob-Limo, LLC limousines are DRUG-free limousines, failing to be drug free will result in the termination of the reservation; and the appropriate authorities will be notified immediately.
  • No-Prob-Limo, LLC is NOT responsible/liable for any lost, stolen, or damaged personal property while on the No-Prob-Limo reservation.
  • No-Prob-Limo, LLC reserves the right to charge an additional $250 cleaning fee for excessive cleaning needed. This includes vomit, blood, and/or any other bodily fluid, spills that require deep cleaning and/or detailing after the reservation is completed.
  • No-Prob-Limo, LLC reserves the right to charge the client for any damage to the rented limousine using given credit card information. This includes any experienced downtime for repairs for said damage.  
  • No-Prob-Limo, LLC is not liable for ANY illness due to the COVID-19 pandemic or any other illnesses that result from close contact with others while riding in the limousine. Masks are recommended onboard of a No-Prob-Limo, LLC vehicle. Customers and all in their party who rent a No-Prob-Limo, LLC limousine assume all risks being in close contact with others while using limousine services. Reservee (the person making the reservation) and all in reservee’s party are using No-Prob-Limo, LLC services at their own risk.

**By completing this purchase, you agree fully to the above terms and conditions of your reservation with No-Prob-Limo, LLC.